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If you don't see a step indicated below, skip to the next one.

Step 1:   Select  1st member under family rate/family member

Step 2:  Select Membership (if you are not part of OSA, you are an Non-OSA member)

Step 3:  Select Location

Step 4:  Add to Cart

*** If you have more than 1 family member signing up, repeat the above steps except change step 1 to  2nd member, 3rd member, etc....

Step 5:  When the above steps are done, go to the shopping cart

Step 6:  Click view Cart

Step 7:  Click on Paypal Button.  You can sign in as a guest and complete the payment.



Never a moment where your child(ren) is not engaged!  Martial Art Classes, Soccer, Basketball, etc!  When they are not exercising we are doing arts and crafts!


Team Building and Engaging Activities to teach your child(ren) about life-skills such as respect, communication, discipline, and perseverance.


Field Trips we have done:  Chuck-E-Cheese, Bowling, Swimming, SkyZone, Kings Dominion.  Your child(ren) will always leave our programs happy!

All inclusive pricing.


Cost includes:

1 week of camp and a non-refundable registration fee.



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