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OSA's Before and After-School Program collaborates with a State Certified Teacher to provide academic growth and success.  OSA also collaborates with a Professional with a Masters in Social Work to ensure that staff are trained in positive behavior management.  At OSA, our objective is to enrich your child(ren) by developing their focus, self-confidence, respect, and self-discipline in a safe and fun environment.  We are dedicated to the growth of your child.  Our Program offers FREE transportation drop-offs and pick-ups!  Our programs are different because: Television/Video Games are not part of the activities-it must be earned and we focus on having a small student-instructor ratio.  All inclusive pricing.



Typical Day: 

  • Students arrive at the school

  • Eat snack

  • Do a teambuilding/active game

  • Arts & Crafts, read, or homework

  • Martial Arts Class (on specified days)

  • Pick up

How WE differ from SACC:  

  • Flexible drop-off & pick-up hours

  • We offer snow day camps if schools are closed and the County Government is open. 

  • Small Instructor/Coach to student ratio 

  • Structure

  • Kids will learn to show focus, discipline, and respect


  • Cost Includes:

    1 week of the program selected and registration fee.

  • Schedule:

    Contact us for our schedule.

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