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For young girls, ladies, and women!  This is your chance, come to our women only martial arts class taught by a female black belt. 


  •   Learn in a safe environment. 

  •   Meet and train with other wonderful young ladies and women! 

  •   Build your strength and achieve goals that you may have never imagined for yourself.

  •   Learn self-defense techniques that are applicable to real-life situations.

  •   Feel comfortable in asking questions in a non-threatening environment. 

  •   Develop your self-confidence.

  •   Improve your health.

  •   Get into shape.

  •   Be empowered!

I believe that comradery and making friends is as important as learning martial arts.   Here is your chance; join our community! 

  • Bond and make friends with other females

  • Join us on our multiple bonding events (ie: out to lunch, dinner, birthday celebrations, movies, etc…)

  • Have ideas of bonding events, fundraisers, empowerment workshops, etc… let us know!

  • Check out female focused activities, events on our Facebook Page.

    As an avid female martial artist, I want to bring my world of martial arts to other females.  It is intimidating to step on the mats, filled with men and/or young boys with the smell of sweat as they spar each other to a point of exhaust (a concern brought to my attention by many females, amongst others). 

    However, I want to show females that martial arts is not all about fighting.  I want to show females the ART of martial arts, and that YOU through the use of leverage and technique can learn martial arts too. 

    I want a women centric class where females feel comfortable learning and can bond with each other.

I want YOU to join today!  Help us create a friendly female martial arts community such that our generation and future generations of females will learn to love and enjoy Martial Arts as I do.


  Instructor Sethi


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