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Thank you to those who gave us reviews!

"The two kids I babysit attended here for more than two years. Great place to learn martial arts! They both enjoyed a lot coming here. Instructor helps building confidence and respect between kids, he is very kind with them too."- Romina, June 2nd, 2015

"Oriental Sports Academy is a great place where kids can learn tae kwon do. Not only do they learn tae kwon do but respect and discipline. Both of my kids ages 3 and 6 enjoy coming to class every week and have made some great friends."   -Gail Quintero, July 2015

"I have trained at multiple martial art schools. However, I find that my learning is challenged and put to the test at Oriental Sports Academy. It is never a dull moment. I am constantly learning how to improve the physical aspects of martial arts and the internal. In addition, I recently had knee surgery (not because of martial arts) and Master Stout was able to work around the surgery to ensure that I was building strength, motivation, and continued to train in martial arts. I am ever so grateful to have a found a school that I enjoy going to and an instructor that I enjoy learning from."  -Tarika S.,February 2015

"I have been attending OSA for a few years now, and I love Master Stout and his staff. I dreamed of learning a martial art for a while, but was never athletic. In the beginning, the instructors took their time with me during class and gave me advice to follow on my own to get stronger. I feel much healthier and love that I can fit back into clothes I thought I would never wear again :) Thanks OSA!"

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