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"I've had my sons at OSA for Tae Kwon Do for five years, and I've been doing Judo there for over a  year.  
TKD under Instructor Hernandez is excellent for the kids.  They learn leadership skills while having lots of fun that keeps them engaged and learning over the long term.  I'm always amazed at the techniques and flexibility they have developed.  

Judo under Master Stout is addictively challenging.  Every class is a mix of physical/mental conditioning, mastering technique, and sparring. Master Stout is an excellent teacher and the class is much more than just judo "lessons".  There is a mix of skill levels and ages in the class that affords us all an opportunity to both learn from and mentor others. Whether this is your once a week intense workout or part of a wider mix of training and sports, judo with Master Stout will improve you mentally and physically, and develop balance, flexibility, and defensive skills."

    -Tim W.

"Excellent academy! My two children take TKD classes and my son also takes Judo. Staff is very professional and friendly. They have lots of fun events. My kids have grow in confidence and discipline. I absolutely recommend it." --Flor H.

"I signed up my three year old for classes and was so happy I did!  The instructors are absolutely fabulous with kids.  They created an atmosphere that was fun and engaging, but also serious enough to impart some useful life skills - self-confidence, listening to your parents, being considerate, but also how to deal with strangers and bullies. Would definitely recommend!"--Adam Murray

"My boys attended at the Manassas location and they loved it!  They participated in the summer camps, Taekwondo classes, and the after school program.  Great instruction and leadership!  I know that my boys were well taken care of whenever they were in attendance.  I highly recommend!"  --Rebecca M.

"I have been a member of OSA for nearly 4 years now. I love the atmosphere there. It's not just family friendly, we ARE a family. Very welcoming and accepting. One of the most impressive parts about this school is our acceptance and success with children who have behavioral or mental health issues. They are welcomed in our regular scheduled classes and encouraged to succeed. They are treated the same as the other kids and given the space to grow within the rules and principles of the school. Every child has their idiosyncratic challenges to overcome, and OSA is a place that does a tremendous job with each and every child that comes through the doors.The adult classes are amazing as well and include Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, and Judo.  Every /class is challenging and engaging without being overwhelming. They even have regular specials to come and try them out." --Gina M.

"Our 14 year old 9th grade daughter began taking Women's Yudo classes last September 2016. Over the months we have found Instructor Sethi to be a calm, clear, and caring instructor. Our daughter came with a wrestling background which made it a good transition to Yudo. The combination of the friendliness of the other students, the sense of community, professionalism of the Instructor, and the well kept Do Jahng has made our experience very positive. We would recommend anyone to check it out if you're looking for a sense of family, or if you would like to get a good workout from any of the classes offered-- there is a good balance of both."--Lesley D.

"Oriental Sports Academy is truly a family orientated place. Not only do you get a great workout but it also boosts your confidence and self-esteem.

Instructor Jose Hernandez is a wonderful Instructor.
He is able to gain the trust and confidence of both beginners and experienced students and is able to teach both segregated by experience level classes and mixed classes.

Oriental Sports Academy offers many different styles of martial arts and offers them for various ages as well.

The winter, spring and summer camps offered for children are well run and the children consider them fun, rather than "classes'.

Overall Oriental Sports Academy is a great place to learn Martial Arts and make long-lasting friendships!

I consider them my second home and family!" --Monica R.

"Martial Arts schools have changed a lot since i was young.  I remember having to really work to get to my next ranking.  Unfortunately hard work and high expectations are not the rule but the exception.  I think you will be very happy at this school because the instructors have a deep understanding of the arts.  Fortunately for me they are also very patient.  The classes have been very challenging and I feel healthy again.  I have watched the childrens classes and wow these children are really learning to be respectful.  They do offer several martial art styles so you will have to decide which is the best fit.  I train in taekwondo and enjoy very much.  My kids do taekwondo which is included with their transported after school program which rolls right into summer day camp.  very convenient." --Susan A.

"Great atmosphere, energy and professional instruction. Cool events, martial arts and people. Top shelf!!!!"--Lucas W.

"Great school, the best I have found, with patient teachers. And great workouts :)"--L.Y. 

"After looking for many schools to teach my young son martial arts, I finally decided on a trial at Oriental Sports Academy.  What initially began as a short term trial, eventually turned into a long term investment.  My "Ultra Zenned" preteen blossomed, which in turn egged me on to try the adult class. The classes were fun and challenging, and I soon found the old aches were gone and I had way more energy.In these days of spontaneous gratification, I am glad to see a studio that relishes in seeing each person's growth pay off in so many ways thru training. Each member has an opportunity to bask in their own accomplishments earned through commitment and perseverance. I will forever be grateful to Master Stout, and the OSA staff for teaching me the meaning of the words: Focus, Determination, Will power and Team Spirit!." --Linda H.

"A friend recommended this school to me and I have been pleased ever since.  They provide a great service for me and my wife because we both work and  needed child care.  OSA provides an After School Program + Martial Arts at an affordable price.  I am pleased with what my kids are learning; Discipline, Respect, and  losing weight "yay".  They really enjoy the classes and I feel we are part of a family.  I decided to join in the fun and have lost 10 pounds so far.  I feel great.  They have a variety of martial arts.  Taekwondo, Hapkido and kumdo.  I decided on Taekwondo because my kids were doing it.  As far as contracts, it is similar to a gym membership, nothing I havent seen before.  Liability and for what length of term and how much.  You can do month to month or longer terms.  The difference is a discounted price versus regular price.  Their group rates and after school prices are great.  I believe its close or cheaper than SACC but remember Martial Arts is included in the price.  Hope this helps.  Check OSA out!"--Jake S.   

"Instructor Sethi runs an excellent school and is an exemplary role model for students. She teaches skill as well as discipline. Would highly recommend"-S.E.

Good School to learn Martial Arts.  The school has a program for self-defense to teach kids how to react in a bully situation properly.  I have my 11 year old and I am happy with the instructors.  Are very satisfied with them." -- Edwin L.

"I, along with many others, have trained at OSA for 10+ years now and the instruction/level of training are the best around. It feels less like a business and more like a family with all of the programs they have to offer. Give it a try, you'll love it!"-- Damien G 

" What I can tell you is the school has been great for myself and family.  We get a great workout and love all the programs they have for us.  After school program is convenient because they have coverage all year round including summer.  The martial arts programs are a lot of fun and like I said before great workout."--Froyo G.

"Just wanted to share some thoughts about my experience with Oriental Sports Academy.

I don't know if you will find this helpful, but as I looked into several martial arts programs, I found myself really searching to truly find the perfect fit for my children going forward...there were numerous questions with each of the programs and what I found most helpful in driving me to choose OSA is...

1. Master Stout's extensive work helping children with ADHD and Autism - I knew he would have the patience to work with my children and really help them learn the art.

2. Having a Before and After school program and camps helps with scheduling activities.

3. Team building Incentive Programs - The kids go camping and have lazer tag outing which we use as an incentive for our children.

4. Homework help for the kids - My kids receive help with their homework and really respond to the structure of their program.

5. Anti-Bullying Program - There was really a positive change in dealing with conflict that I'm not sure you can find in other places. I would say that all programs offer the self discipline aspect of martial arts, but you really have to see his approach to appreciate how it could truly help your child if this is a concern.

There were more things that I looked at to make the decision, but these are the highlights that helped elevate this program in my mind."  --Jonathon M.

"I have only been to one lesson/event at this time; however, I enjoyed every minute!  I liked how welcome I felt when I first entered.  Then the lesson itself was awe inspiring.  To think I myself had control over an uncontrollable situation that I could/might face gave me such confidence.  I am looking forward to trying more lessons and not using the "traffic/distance" factor that keeps me from joining in during the week or even weekends!  Great place with a wonderful laid back atmosphere and super great movements."

   --Diane Bradish

"This is a very professional martial arts school. They have fantastic instructors who really care and are willing to put time into your development as both a martial artist and a person." --Arvis O.

"This place is absolutely amazing. Whether you want to get back into shape or find balance, this place will do it all. Anyone can benefit from this martial arts program. The instructors and assistant instructors are awesome and create a positive atmosphere.They help teach  discipline, respect, and good character for the kids enabling them to be better people at such a young age. This is a TRADITION martial arts school which few other schools can say. Oriental sports academy is a safe and uplifting environment where you will see growth in yourself and those around you.I hope you give these people a call or walk in to watch a class because this school can truly be a positive change in your life."--AJ E. 

"I love love OSA. You pay a set monthly fee and you have the option of attending 3,2 or 1 day a week. Each class is an hour long. It's not like others where you can only go once a week for 45 min. The instructors are phenomenal. Instructor Hernandez is lead teacher at both locations and he is amazing. The parents call him the " kid whisperer". He is so so patient and does a great job instructing in a positive way. He also has an amazing assistant Cameron that is super great with the kids as well. I'm a mother of two who both attend and enjoy it. There might be a child who is yes a black belt but they just found there niche at an early age. Some kids are gifted more than others in sports. It's just life. But they didn't just give them a black belt. It's a very long and disciplined process and they deserved it and did what they needed and studied hard for it. They also have summer camp for only $99 a week. And every month they do a parents night out. You can drop your child off for a few hours while the instructors play games and do other things with the kids. And the kids are comfortable with them because they attend classes there. It's not a daycare. They go above and beyond. Master stout is great with kids! Very patient with beginners and he sets great example for kids. They not only teach TaeKwondo, but life learning lessons. This family-owned business works hard to create a safe environment where the students, both children and adults alike, enjoy; whether in the classroom, field trips, or parents' night out. They have an amazing after school program, spring break camp and summer camp too. I could not be happier with our choice to join this fabulous Oriental Sports Academy. I highly recommend trying Oriental Sports Academy." --Celeste B.

"I am a black belt in this school and I just have to say that everyone in this school is so good at what they do and super respectful to everyone. I have been in OSA for the past 8 years and I can honestly say there is no other school out there like this one. The instructor is funny and kind to the kids and strict but cool to the teens/adults. Everyone is like a family and will work around your schedule to help you become fit and healthy. Last thing I have to say is that OSA is the greatest school I have ever seen and I highly recommend it to anyone of any age." --Victor V.

"Martial arts training has changed my life.  I am healthy happy and suffer less pain everyday.  I love going to class and discovering new and challenging things I thought I would never be able to do.  The instruction has been wonderful a real family atmosphere.  OSA has a lot to offer.  They have classes in taekwondo hapkido and Korean sword which is rare to find.  I like the expectation they have for children, respect for elders and classmates.  This school simply put is not a belt factory but a school that sets expectations high with very knowledge able patient instructors."--Max A.

"They have everything I need.  Zumba for me, After school for my kids and my husband is doing Hapkido which he really enjoys.  My children are in the Taekwondo class and believe me they love it.  I think they will make it to black belt.  I have also seen the kids and husband really come together.  Respectful and confident children makes life a lot easier for me.  The prices are really affordable especially with group family rates and you can choose month to month or longer membership, the choice is yours."-- S.J.

"We've been with OSA-Fairfax City for just under a year and we love it!  We have two children, one in the juniors class and one in the adult class. The instructors are amazing. They have a perfect balance in patience with the kids and challenging them to do better. I have watched as my son has changed over the last year. He has found something that he is passionate about and is more focused and respectful around the house.  OSA-Fairfax City is exactly what we had been searching for and would recommend them to anyone."-Brenda W. 

OSA-Fairfax City is a very clean and well maintained school. The classes are fun and relaxed. You feel welcomed when you come, there isn't pressure from the minute you step in to join, like other gyms. Instructor Sethi is a great teacher. She's very in-tune with her students and is highly motivated to help them. You don't feel like you're just another student here, you feel like family."-- Dang Khoa

"I can't say enough great things about the instructors and curriculum at OSA.  My boys having been taking lessons, once a week, since January 2014 and the lessons are so valuable.  They teach them about manners, listening to your parents, being respectful, how to handle bullies and strangers and if someone were to try and take them or hurt them.  Plus, they learn martial arts.  Worth every penny!"-Talai J.

"So much to say....Excellent instructors teach REAL martial arts.  Great program for kids and adults alike.  My experience has led to better health, mental and spiritual fitness, and is an incredible stress reliever.  Oriental Sports Academy is literally adding years to my life.  Couldn't recommend them more."--Brad Nachman

"I went for a women's self defense class. The studio was clean and well lit, and the instructor was patient and knowledgeable. I learned some useful, practical things! I would definitely recommend it."  --M. Siegal

"Training is life changing.  I am healthier and more confident than ever before.  I feel accomplished every time i leave class.  My physical dexterity and confidence are continuing to grow and grow.  The instruction is fantastic.  The teachers have been very patient with me while challenging." --James S.

"So much to say....Excellent instructors teach REAL martial arts.  Great program for kids and adults alike.  My experience has led to better health, mental and spiritual fitness, and is an incredible stress reliever.  Oriental Sports Academy is literally adding years to my life.  Couldn't recommend them more."--Brad Nachman

"It is a great place to learn at your own pace, there was never pressure to learn like other martial arts schools. I have been with them for 3 years and the instructors help my confidence a great deal. I recommend women taking class here since the school's idea of martial arts is self- defense and adaptable to the real world. Learning martial arts in your twenties is not as easy as it seems but the instructors make it work."-Michelle B.

"Outstanding martial arts school- excellent instructors and a nice, clean facility.  It's a great place to train the whole family in self-defense and the techniques are as practical as anything I've learned in the Marine Corps or law enforcement.  I love training at OSA!.-- Mike K.

"Instructors and their students are exceptionally friendly and welcoming. Egos honestly are checked at the door, making the training environment enjoyable and unintimidating. As well, the training regimen- throughout their program offerings- is innovative and pragmatic. Technique and fitness acumen equally are emphasized in the curriculum.  In addition, I have been teaching martial arts for nearly twenty years and have worked for more than a few schools where the money is more important than the improvement of the participating individuals. Here the instructors truly do seem to care about the goals and achievements of their students.  They are a refreshing example for the martial arts community and it is a pleasure to train with them"-Michael P.

"Awesome instructors! My boys participated in Taekwondo for several years and they learned so much. Excellent teaching and lessons in control/patience/discipline. My boys also attending summer camp regularly and the after school program. My son has a bond with Master Stout that means so much to him and now that we've moved, he misses that interaction. I highly recommend!" --Rebecca M.

"My boys attended at the Manassas location and they loved it!  They participated in the summer camps, Taekwondo classes, and the after school program.  Great instruction and leadership!  I know that my boys were well taken care of whenever they were in attendance.  I highly recommend!"  --Rebecca M.

"I would give 6 stars if I could. Not a typical martial art school, truly great concept, my 4 year old daughter loves her Little Dragons class." --Soltan S. 

"This place is beyond words. This is a traditional martial arts program that strives to go the extra mile for you. The Instructors really want you to be the best physically and mentally. They continue to serve my needs as well as the needs of others. Teaching you martial arts is something, however teaching you to be a better person is another. I love this place and highly encourage everyone to join!"  --AJ Etienne 

"OSA has been very good for our family. Its brought us closer together and become a healthy confident family.  I love the progress and attitude of my children.  Master Stout and his instructors are top notch.  I am feeling more and more confident about my martial arts skills.  They teach Taekwondo and Hapkido and Korean swords.  They have an additional benefit of an after school program and summer camp, which takes care of my child care needs all year round.  They have been in the burke area the longest of any of the martial arts schools.  Many of the black belts have been there more than 10 years.  That says something."  --Grover Cleveland 

"They are very patient, professional teachers. Master Stout and his instructors have years of experience in motivating students to reach their highest level. The martial arts programs are excellent. They teach Taekwondo, Hapkido, and Korean Sword. What I like about this facility is they have kept up with the times. OSA has realized the need to reach out to the needs of all the family. They have After School Programs, Summer Camps, Zumba, and other additional exercise programs. Now I can work out, learn martial arts and have safe convenient place for my children and their after school care. They even have a Parents Night Out so that we can go out on a date night. Fantastic!, thank you Oriental Sports Academy." -- Ma Luver

"I have attended OSA for about eight years now and I have to say it is hands down the best martial arts school. They have amazing instructors that never give up on you and are there for you every step of the way, at OSA you are not just a student bringing in money for the school but part of a family. Before OSA I was a shy little eight year old and now I am a confident young adolescent ready to take on life." 

   --Nicolas Ricaldi

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