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OSA goes beyond teaching Martial Arts. It becomes a study. OSA prides itself on maintaining high standards in its curricula and high expectations of each student. ​Students will 


  • gain confidence, 

  • achieve their goals, 

  • improve health,

  • increase their aerobic conditioning, 

  • improve focus,

  • develop a strong mind and body, 

  • learn self-defense,

  • and much more.  

At OSA you will have proficient teachers that can address both the mental and physical parts of training.   Your goals are our goals.  You can get one or all of the following:

  •  Traditional martial arts training,

  •  Practice in self-defense,

  •  Participate in competition. 

  •  Participate in our demo team

 At OSA, you are not just another student, you are part of the family. Join our family today! 

Join one of our programs:

  • Taekwondo,

  • Hapkido,

  • Bon Kuk Gum Bub/Kumdo (Korean Sword),

  • Yudo (Judo)/Jiu-Jitsu, 

  • Boxing.

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