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Step 1:   Select  1st member under family rate/family member

Step 2:  Select Membership (if you are not part of OSA, you are an Non-OSA member)

Step 3:  Select Location

Step 4:  Add to Cart

*** If you have more than 1 family member signing up, repeat the above steps except change step 1 to  2nd member, 3rd member, etc....

Step 5:  When the above steps are done, go to the shopping cart

Step 6:  Click view Cart

Step 7:  Click on Paypal Button.  You can sign in as a guest and complete the payment.

S.A.F.E. Program: Self-Defense, Awareness, Fun, Empowered


Option 1: Recommended:  6 week program (1 class for 6 weeks; class is 45 minutes)

Option 2:  Introductory Session:  1 class for 1 hour

After sessions, we go out for an optional lunch/dinner!



With this program you will


* gain confidence

* train with friends/daughters

* develop strength/flexibility

* learn basic self-defense

Women-Only S.A.F.E. Program

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