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Become a Business Owner

Run a Martial Arts School

Empower others to grow and learn through martial arts.

Instructors!  Take the next step and become a business owner!

With the OSA License you will be on your way to learning the essentials to having a successful business.  You will have OSA Masters/Instructors as your support network.

Here are some of the skill-sets you will learn:


- Group management and Instruction

- Training Instructors

-Optimizing marketing

- Development of students

- Understanding the OSA Curriculum and learning how to teach it.


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Increase Revenue

Advance your Rank

Increase knowledge

Get excited again about learning a curriculum instead of  a quickly forgotten seminar

Do you have a martial arts school?  Join The OSA Licensure Program. 
-Increase and attract new students and keep them longer. 
-Receive a quality curriculum  that can increase your revenue 500%. 
-Receive a supportive network of Individuals.
-Continue the advancement of your training!
Find out how to incorporate a Judo, Taekwondo, or Hapkido program in your existing school.
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