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Master Stout has been teaching Martial Arts for 30+ years.  He holds the ranking of 6th Dan.  Master Stout earned a B.S. in Neurophysiology.  Master Stout has taught Private Classes, Group Classes, and Corporate classes.  His goal is to help his students achieve their goals and evolve beyond their potential as individuals and martial artists. 


Instructor Hernandez brings knowledge working with at-risk youth, children with disabilities, managing and supervising camps, developing and managing Instructors and Instructor Training.  He is passionate about evolving his students beyond their own goals.  He is avid in the community and enjoys seeing the joy in his students. 



Instructor Sethi brings knowledge working with at-risk youth, teen centers and therapeutic recreation; she worked with Fairfax County from 1996 to 2016.  Instructor Sethi earned a B.A. in Sociology/Anthropology with a Concentration in French.   She has a Master Degree in Social Work.  Instructor Sethi has long-standing experience working with IEPs, adaptive exercises, and inclusion programs. 



Dear Students,

I welcome the opportunity to have you study with me.  You will learn, as millions have throughout the world, how the benefits of Martial Arts Training will strengthen your mind as well as your body.


I offer a course of training aimed at improving the whole person, building strength, speed, and coordination in addition to developing concentration, self-confidence, and leadership.  Historical and philosophical principles are incorporated into the Martial Art Program. 


Remember, how much you gain from the study of the Martial Arts is up to you.  I will do my best to help you get the most possible from your training program.  Through your Martial Arts training, you will become a person at peace with yourself.  Oriental Sports Academy offers a 5-year intensive Instructor Certification and Training Program.  Please contact us for further information.



  Master Stout

Dear Students,


I welcome the opportunity to have you study with me.  I opened a Martial Arts School to empower females to train, in addition to teach males that the male-dominated sport of Martial Arts, while exciting, is not discriminatory through gender.


 I offer the following:

** Learn in a safe environment. 

** Build your strength and achieve goals

    that you may have never

    imagined for yourself mentally and


** Learn self-defense techniques that are

    applicable to real-life


** Feel comfortable in asking questions in a

   non-threatening environment. 

** Develop your self-confidence.

** Improve your health.

** Offer women-only classes.

Join our OSA Family.   Help us create a martial arts community such that our generation and future generations of men and women will learn to love and enjoy Martial Arts as I do.


  Instructor Sethi

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