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Yudo has made me more confident, in my home, at school, and of course in Yudo.  During Yudo, I've created another family-like environment for myself.  Every single person there has made me a better person with all their kindness and support.  When doing Yudo, I have not only improved physically, but mentally as well.  As I have found out there aren't many girls/women who choose this form of martial arts, so with each new belt that I earn, it makes me feel like I have accomplished something that now many can.  Over the years I've seen many people come and go, but for those who stay, they never have, and I'm sure never will regret their choice to do something so special and fun.  I love every second of my time at OSA and I look forward to every day of it.



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OSA has been the best place for my boys. It has taught them how to respect themselves and others as well as maintaining focus. Which has helped with improving their behavior at home and school. OSA has also helped increase their self confidence and self esteem too. I highly recommend OSA for before and after care as well as the taekwondo classes. We have become part of a wonderful family... the OSA family! Thank you OSA and Instructor Sethi!

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Our son is often the smallest, youngest kid among his peers, which bothered him, as he was teased because of it.  Visiting dojos and do jahngs for trial classes, he sat on the sidelines and chose not to participate - until yudo at OSA.  He warmed immediately to Instructor Sethi, telling us after his first class that she is “small and mighty,” and he could be too.  We enrolled him in yudo to help him build confidence, to be able to defend himself if necessary, and to learn when to walk away.  After 1.5 years, in addition to building incredible strength and stamina, we are impressed at how he has become more confident and comfortable in his own skin.  He has toughened up significantly, both mentally and physically.  Though his stature is the same, he is rarely teased and, when he is, he takes it in stride.  In addition, he takes responsibility for his own actions, and he takes the challenge to “behave like a black belt” seriously.  His current teacher even told us that she relies on him to set an example and to help others who struggle with discipline.  He adores yudo, Instructor Sethi, and the blue / red belts who have helped out in class or sparred with him in testing.  He trusts completely that if Instructor Sethi tells him he is ready to try something, he can do it, and she takes care to ensure everyone stays safe and has a blast.  My husband does not watch the classes as often as I do, but, when he goes, he comments every time that it is remarkable to see the significant changes in the maturity and capabilities of all the kids in class - not just ours - even over short periods of time.  While other activities have come and gone, our son remains excited and motivated to continue at OSA, and we are extremely happy we found the OSA family.



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I've had my sons at OSA for Taek Kwon Do for five years, and I have been doing Judo there for over a year. TKD under Instructor Hernandez is excellent for the kids.  They learn leadership skills while having lots of fun that keeps them engaged and learning over the long term.  I'm always amazed at the techniques and flexibility they have developed.  

Judo under Master Stout is addictively challenging.  Every class is a mix of physical/mental conditioning, mastering technique, and sparring. Master Stout is an excellent teacher and the class is much more than just judo "lessons".  There is a mix of skill levels and ages in the class that affords us all an opportunity to both learn from and mentor others. Whether this is your once a week intense workout or part of a wider mix of training and sports, judo with Master Stout will improve you mentally and physically, and develop balance, flexibility, and defensive skills."


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Excellent Master, Instructors & Staff





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