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OSA's Before and After-School Program collaborates with a State Certified Teacher to provide academic growth and success.  OSA also collaborates with a Professional with a Masters in Social Work to ensure that staff are trained in positive behavior management.  At OSA, our objective is to enrich your child(ren) by developing their focus, self-confidence, respect, and self-discipline in a safe and fun environment.  We are dedicated to the growth of your child.  Our Program offers FREE transportation drop-offs and pick-ups!  Our programs are different because: Television/Video Games are not part of the activities-it must be earned and we focus on having a small student-instructor ratio.  All inclusive pricing.

Typical Day: 

  • Students arrive at the school

  • Eat snack

  • Do a teambuilding/active game

  • Arts & Crafts, read, or homework

  • Martial Arts Class (on specified days)

  • Pick up

How WE differ from SACC:  

  • Flexible drop-off & pick-up hours

  • We offer snow day camps if schools are closed and the County Government is open. 

  • Small Instructor/Coach to student ratio 

  • Structure

  • Kids will learn to show focus, discipline, and respect

What our students say:

"Just wanted to share some thoughts about my experience with Oriental Sports Academy.

I don't know if you will find this helpful, but as I looked into several martial arts programs, I found myself really searching to truly find the perfect fit for my children going forward...there were numerous questions with each of the programs and what I found most helpful in driving me to choose OSA is...

1. Master Stout's extensive work helping children with ADHD and Autism - I knew he would have the patience to work with my children and really help them learn the art.

2. Having a Before and After school program and camps helps with scheduling activities.

3. Team building Incentive Programs - The kids go camping and have lazer tag outing which we use as an incentive for our children.

4. Homework help for the kids - My kids receive help with their homework and really respond to the structure of their program.

5. Anti-Bullying Program - There was really a positive change in dealing with conflict that I'm not sure you can find in other places. I would say that all programs offer the self discipline aspect of martial arts, but you really have to see his approach to appreciate how it could truly help your child if this is a concern.

There were more things that I looked at to make the decision, but these are the highlights that helped elevate this program in my mind."  


You'll love our all-inclusive pricing!  In our seasonal camps, we offer an assortment of activities including martial art classes, field trips, swimming, movies, sports, and we track their fitness through our new fun fit watches.  Kids will go home learning martial arts etiquette of respect, discipline, and perseverance.  Because of so many allergies, lunch will be provided by the camper-Mom knows best!  Their bodies will get stronger everyday while making new friends!  All inclusive pricing.

Typical Day (Times vary based on activity): 

  • Students arrive at the school and play board games or do a teambuilding game.

  • Martial Arts Class

  • Quiet time (arts & crafts, board games, reading)

  • Lunch

  • Field trip

  • Do a teambuilding/active game

  • Quiet time (arts & crafts, board games, reading)

  • Pick up

What our students say:

"Oriental Sports Academy is truly a family oriented place.  Not only do you get a workout but it also boosts your confidence and self-esteem.  Instructor Jose Hernandez is a wonderful Instructor.  He is able to gain the trust and confidence of both beginners and experienced students and is able to teach both segregated by experience level classes and mixed classes.  Oriental Sports Academy offers many different styles of martial arts and offers them for various ages as well.  The winter, spring, and summer camps offered for children are well run and the children consider them fun, rather than classes.  Overall Oriental Sports Academy is a great place to learn Martial Arts and make long-lasting friendships!  I consider them my second home and family!"

"Great atmosphere, energy and professional instruction.  Cool events, martial arts and people.  Top shelf!!!!!!"