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Birthday Parties (2 hours):  Have your own theme!  Kids will learn martial arts and life skills!  Fun filled and action packed for 2 hours!

Corporate Wellness (2 hours):  Our program will focus on improving health and decreasing stress through exercise.  Enjoy our program at your work-place!  

Women-Centric Workshops (2 hours):  Bond, grow, learn, have fun and learn self-defense skills!  All females-all ages!  Taught by a female instructor.  You can request the following: Women-Only Open Mats, Fundraisers, Self-Defense Workshops, Empowerment Workshops.

Join us today!

Team Building Workshops/Demonstrations/Fundraisers:  Our focus is helping you achieve your goals.  If you need develop a team atmosphere-we have programs for you.  If you want our demo team to perform at your event~we are here for you!  If you are hosting a fundraiser and want us to help, ask about our board-break-a-thon!

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